Thanks and praise for the Heroes of the web site

Fri 06 Nov 2009

We very much hope that visitors to this web site are enjoying the experience, whether you are using a full size browser or peering through the lens of a mobile screen. The aim has been to deliver a design that works well on both.

The look and feel of the site is thanks to the immense design abilities of the Ribot design studio. The fact that we sat down for two hours on a Wednesday afternoon to workshop the ideas, and they delivered the finished visual styles to a late Sunday deadline, speaks volumes about their commitment to clients. Working closely with Anthony, Tara & Jerome has been an absolute pleasure.

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Ribot is a multi-award-winning ideas lab focusing on mobile user interfaces. Working together with the likes of Orange,, Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft and others, they are helping to shape the future of mobile user experiences. They invite you to pop down to the seaside in Brighton to have a French pastry and iced-spiced mocha with the team.

Pretty pictures do not a web site make. So following the timely delivery of the design, we were very fortunate to have a seasoned developer volunteer to begin the slice and dice coding of the site first thing on a Monday morning. We cannot thank FJ van Wingerde enough for putting days of his time in to the project for just a little praise and a ticket to the event.

FJ has 15 years of experience in solving problems in User Interface design. He has worked for Harvard Medical School, Nokia, Disney, and Vodafone. Most recently he has been instrumental in building the latest iteration of Betavine.
Check out his blog at TechSocioTech. He is currently freelancing and would love to hear about interesting work opportunities. Follow him on twitter: @fj

With an event like this, we need a dynamic and fast web site. Our choice of back end is the elegant and powerful Node content management system. Built by developer Guy Bolton-King on the framework designed by Alex Fiennes, this system generates rigorously standards compliant web sites with full accessibility, which just happens to make them work rather well on modern smartphones. An outstanding example of Node at work is the Granta magazine and publishing site. Contact details and more examples of their work are here.


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