Mobile World Congress 2010 tickets from BlackBerry

Mon 23 Nov 2009

A very special offer from our Gold Sponsor, BlackBerry

Here in the Heroes office we are completely over the moon with BlackBerry. They have given us a healthy allocation of full tickets to Mobile World Congress 2010 to give away to attendees of Heroes of the Mobile Screen. RIM is partnering with the GSMA on App Planet next February as part of Mobile World Congress. This “event within an event” will include…

* Application developer conferences focused specifically on the most influential mobile platforms in the market
* An interactive apps exhibition that will allow attendees to preview the newest and most innovative apps technology
* The App Lounge, where networking and business development will help to further define the future of this exciting mobile segment
* Dedicated, day-long track of thought-provoking panels and keynotes on industry trends in mobile applications
* The App Garage, showcasing cutting-edge GSMA initiatives in the mobile applications space

RIM are getting serious about delivering the platform features and tools that developers want to make outstanding applications and services for the BlackBerry. Recently announced, at their San Francisco Developer Conference, BlackBerry have lots of updates to the platform.

The user interface has new today screen animations and transitions allowing a whole new set of rich themes to be made. There are a host of great functional improvements to the platform as well. There is now a location push facility, allowing social apps to understand proximity and securely notify people you are near. There are also improvements to help developers monetise all their hard work, with new in app advertising mechanisms. Added to this, is the significant advantage of increased carrier leverage, meaning that BlackBerry have negotiated a new raft of deals with Mobile Network Operators for in app payments and carrier billing.

Also coming early next year are the BlackBerry 3D graphics engine as demonstrated on the Storm 2 with EA Games Need for Speed. And finally, BlackBerry Browser 5.0 will be available soon, bringing the power of the webkit rendering engine and support for Flash to the platform. I think you’ll agree that RIM are making competitive strides and ensuring developers have all the tools they need make great apps for the ever growing legions of BlackBerry users.

If you have purchased your ticket already, you are automatically included in the draw. If you purchase a ticket before midnight on Sunday 29th November you will have a guaranteed, better than 1 in 10 chance of winning a ticket to Mobile World Congress next February. These tickets are worth €600.00 each!

Thanks BlackBerry.


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