Session 1

9:00AM – 11:20AM

Show me the money

Session curated by Isabel Fox

Who’s making money? With what? How?

The commercial landscape of the mobile industry is changing rapidly. Research from the mobile advertising companies, network operators and application store analytics reveals the ecosystem to be complex and confusing. Examples of real and sustainable revenues from mobile apps and services are rare. What can be learned from the success stories, what do they illustrate about the business models and the market place?

The first panel will explore the true nature of the opportunities in mobile. What are the prospects for developers? Can cutting edge ideas prosper or is it better to focus on games and some lucrative notions of brand engagement? It is often said that the best way to make money is just to enter the many prize fund competitions run by operators and device manufacturers, so they can hawk the IP for a payoff. This year, everyone has built an application store, but is anyone other than the iPhone set prepared to pay real money for the content. This panel will share considerable insight in to strategies for mobile commerce.

The second panel will examine the state of funding in the industry. Comprised of global Venture Capitalists talking about the kinds of companies they are looking to invest in and why. What matters to them, what are the business models they expect to succeed? Why are attitudes so markedly different in the US and Europe? There will undoubtedly be enormous growth in the sector, but where are the bets being placed over the next five years? Want to know where the investment dollars are going? Then this panel’s for you.

Intro Speaker

Lessons from Japan

Kei Shimada will talk about they key insights he has gained from 20 years experience in the Japanese mobile industry.

Panel Discussion: Who’s making money?

Panel Chairman Matthaus Krzykowski

Panel Discussion: Venture capital & investment in mobile

Panel Chairman Doug Richard

Session 2

11:00AM – 12:10PM

The impact of context on mobile user experience, social & location

Session curated by Dominic Travers

Bring *all* of your social life in to one place, your mobile.

There is a lot of noise about not just location technology, but also social address books, aggregating everything your friends do and say in to one place. Vodafone 360, Orange Social Life, Motorola Blur, HTC Sense to name but a few. Does the value outweigh the overheads on your device battery and phone bill? Are these services really delivering what we want from social networks, or would customers rather dip in to Facebook and Twitter when they feel like it. When will call detail records become a part of these services? Will they help retain customers and generate revenue, or will people just pick up mobile web services that are interoperable with everyone else?

If you just became the Mayor of National Film Theatre 1 at the BFI, by the time December the 7th comes round, will anyone care? Google Latitude, updated to show the few people you know who are not scared of publishing their location is alive, but is it kicking?. Have we really made any progress in location context in mobile services or is trust still the elephant in the room? When will the value of the services really stimulate the very public conversation that needs to take place before people will adopt them? Which mobile services will provide a truly compelling reason for a majority of customers to share their location with providers and each other.

This session will feature an honest examination of where we are in the process of developing real time social connectivity. The panel will comprise of the stakeholders across operators, device manufacturers and service designers. It will explore where progress can be made in making our social connections flow in ways that delight the individual. Can mobile really increase the value in our friendships, or does the noise overwhelm the signal?

Intro Speakers

Software that understands the context you are in, and is informed by the surrounding contextual elements

Mobile phone software and applications are growing more and more sophisticated. New ways of managing presence and status can help people keep control of their communications. Many people have connected to more networks providing social, location, and a whole range of contextual information that is changing the way we live our lives.

JP & Kevin will share their thoughts and insight on the state of managing contextual data now, and what we need to do filter all the benefit from the noise.

Panel Discussion: Managing contextual data

Session 3

1:20PM – 2:50PM

Teenage heroes

Hosted by Julia Shalet

We invite four companies to pitch their product, service or device live to six teenagers –and they tell us what they really think.

Julia Shalet from the Digital Youth Project will be bringing in a panel of Teenage Dragons for an insightful and entertaining session helping us get to grips with what teenagers really want, use and like in their mobile lives.

Six Teen Dragons aged 17/18 from different walks of life will share a few of their favourite things with us to set the scene.

Four mobile-based propositions will be presented which could be anything from a new device, a new mobile application or a mobile marketing campaign. Then the teenagers will simply tell us what they think giving honest feedback and insight into their world and where the propositions do or don’t fit in.

Intro Speaker

Session 4

3.30PM – 5:00PM

Real customers, real applications, real marketing

Session curated by Helen Keegan

In the final session of the day, we will be looking at what customers really want from mobile services, applications and marketing.

How and why are they buying applications? Do they know what the mobile internet is and what, if anything, prompts them to use it? Is it all about ‘in brands we trust’ or is there room for new or mobile-only brands out there?

Applications and mobile web services aren’t the only revenue streams in mobile. Is it time to really look at mobile marketing and advertising seriously? Is mobile web advertising the new black? Will it deliver the results that everyone dreams of? Are there new demographics to consider? Or are we missing the opportunity that mobile marketing brings to change the new world order of marketing in general?

How are brands really making use of mobile marketing *effectively*? You know, the campaigns that deliver ROI and not just flashy awards. What are consumer’s real attitudes to mobile advertising and do they understand the trade-off between free content and advertising? And with all this talk of tight targeting, have we lost track of the importance of serendipity in our mobile marketing world?

Intro Speaker

Belinda Parmar will be sharing research & new insights into what women want with mobile technology.

Panel Discussion: Mobile marketing & advertising

What’s working, what’s not, what’s coming next

Panel Chairman Paul Berney